The Pie Maker's Story so far ....

Hello!  I’m Iain Dickie.

I’ve been an enthusiastic home cook for family and friends for over 35 years.  Fortunately, I had a wonderful mother who passed on her great passion and knowledge of wholesome and tasty food to me.  My passion and love of cooking lead me to create my brand of homemade small-batch curry pies and pasties.

My pies and pasties contain locally-sourced ingredients, fresh ground spices, whole spices, fresh herbs and vegetables, and high-quality local butcher meat - all encased in a handmade, rich, thin, crisp and flaky pastry.

It all started for me during the COVID -19 lockdown. I had searched online for a curry pie to indulge in curry comfort food, but what I experienced was, to say the least disappointing.  So, I started to create my own, and now after many, many attempts to perfect my recipes, I now bring you my own range of wholesome premium quality curry enjoyment.  I hope that you enjoy them just as much as I do.

Dickie's Pies are all handmade, by myself, at a small commercial kitchen at Moorlinch on the Somerset Levels.

 I am extremely passionate about creating pies and pasties that give you an overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction, and so, I believe you will find my pies deliver on that.

I am proud to be a winner of several British Pie Awards 2022.

Of course, it all wouldn't be possible without my beautiful Kate who is always there by my side helping at the markets and in the kitchen!


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